Now that Arizona heat is dwindling and the crisp winter weather is upon us, it is the perfect time to get outside and discover some of the incredible scenery and landscapes our great state has to offer. Wildjoy and Visit Mesa have come together to show you how to get the most out of your Arizona excursions with the Adventure Explorer Passport! From zip lining over a ghost town to picking wildflowers at the Superstition Mountains, this list of eight of our favorite adventures from the passport are sure to get you itching to experience an adventure of your own.

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Hikers sitting on Red Rock formations on the Hieroglyphic Trail in Arizona
You can see petroglyphs while hiking on the Hieroglyphic Trail

1)  Hike to see Hieroglyphic Trail

Want to see petroglyphs from 1,500 years ago? There's a trail in the Superstition Mountains near Mesa that takes you right to them. Its called the Hieroglyphic Trail and its about 2.9 miles total. The trail is full of boulders and good for all ages. When you walk around, you can reflect on the Hohokam people who used to live here and carved the petroglyphs you see on the trail.

Desert road with superstition mountains in the background and white clouds in the blue sky
Road of the Apache Trail overlooking the Superstition Mountains

2) Drive the Iconic Apache Trail, Historic Route 88, to Tortilla Flat

Need an adventure to inspire your next photo op? The Apache Trail, also known as Route 88, is iconic for its 40 miles of beautiful scenery and history. There are so many memorable stops along the way including the Elvis Church, the Goldfield Ghost town, Canyon Lake and the last in Tortilla Flat a town with a population of 6 people.


3) Hike to the Wind Cave

This short but breathtaking hike will put you at the top of Usery Regional Park overlooking the East Valley from a cave. It's called the Wind Cave and it's called that because the wind has carved out what looks like a cave on top! The trail itself is 1.5 miles and is all tightly packed dirt. You will hike past some large boulders while you are progressing up the many switchbacks that make the hike less uphill. Definitely worth doing at least one!

two people jumping through the beautiful yellow flowers in bloom at Lost Dutchman State Park
The vivid flowers at Lost Dutchman make you feel like you're in a fairy tale

4) Hunt for Wildflowers at Lost Dutchman Arizona State Park

Lost Dutchman State Park is located on the Apache Trail, State Route 88, East of Apache Junction. The park provides views and access to the most scenic portions of the legendary Superstition Mountains and is home to many flowering plants. Take a walk through the park to collect your fair share of poppies, fiddle necks, brittlebush, bluebell and dozens more!

group of people paddleboarding on the Salt River in Mesa Arizona
Going out on the Salt River is a fantastic group activity

5) Ride the Rapids on the Lower Salt River

One of the premier water activities in Arizona is paddle boarding the Salt River. The river flows year-round and is teeming with wild horses and vivid Sonoran Desert vegetation. The Phon D Sutton Recreational Area is the best stop to go for your Salt River excursion since it has great parking and a nice sandy shore to get going whether you're paddle boarding, fishing, or rafting.

girl on a brown horse with another woman on a white horse in the background at Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables
Lacy and her noble steed on the trail at Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables

6) Saddle Up at Saguaro Lake Ranch Stables

You won't find a horseback riding experience like this anywhere else except for in Mesa, Arizona at the Saguaro Ranch Stables. The horse stables are quartered just up from one of Phoenix's major rivers, the Lower Salt River, which has massive mountains directly against the river. It's absolutely incredible to ride horseback in such stunning scenery. Make sure to go early in the morning to see the sunrise against the mountains!

Girl standing in front of gorgeous blue water at the Salt River in Mesa Arizona
Lacy at Granite Reef Recreational Area at the Salt River

7) Leave No Trace at the Salt River

Did you know that a majority of the Phoenix water supply comes from the Salt River? At the Granite Reef Recreational Area, you can give some back and take part in cleaning up the gorgeous area looking overlooking the Salt River. Simply check-in on your Adventure Passport and earn 1,000 points just for helping clean up the earth. This spot requires you to purchase a $8 Tonto Parking Pass which you can find at any convenience store near the area.

man and woman riding on a zip line at the Goldfield Ghost Town in Mesa Arizona
Lacy and Ian riding the exhilarating zip line at Goldfield Ghost Town

8) Ziplining at Goldfield Ghost Town

Want to get the best view of the Desert? The Goldfield Ghost Town zip line is the best way to do it taking you way over the ghost town and seeing the surrounding Superstition Mountains and Lost Dutchman Sate Park! This fun little mining town has a bunch more to offer so make sure to check out the mine tours, shooting gallery and the mystery shack. The first ride is $12 with an additional $6 charge for more rides.

Lacy Cain next to Wildjoy and Visit Mesa Logo

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