Mesa, Arizona. What can't you do here? Mesa is the third largest city in Arizona with a population of almost 500,000 people. They're known for the Salt River, Fresh Foodie Trail, and Superstition Mountains, yet there are so many more experiences to check out. In this blog, you'll learn about our favorite activities and places in Mesa that will have you exploring streets you've never seen and also take you back in time to when gold miners were flocking to towns within.

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Back in Time

To begin, let's head back in time to learn more about Mesa in the 1800's and 1900's.

ghost town in central Arizona, desert, saguaro cacti, old saloon at Goldfield Ghost Town Mesa Arizona
Goldfield Ghost Town, Arizona

Goldfield Ghost Town

Having struck gold in 1892, Goldfield used to be a destination for gold miners alike until the grade of ore plummeted. Nowadays, Goldfield offers mine tours, ghost tours, gunfights, and even a zip-line so visitors from all over the country can immerse themselves in the old western world.

Address: 4650 N Mammoth Mine Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 983-0333

small town of 6 people outside of Phoenix, Arizona in Tortilla Flat
Tortilla Flat, Arizona

Tortilla Flat

The small town of Tortilla Flat is the last surviving stagecoach town along the Apache trail with a population of 6 people. Yes, you read that right, 6 people! This quaint town features a saloon with great food, a bunch of history, and even a jail to escape from if you like puzzles.

Address: 1 Main Street, Tortilla Flat, AZ 85190

Phone Number: (480) 984-1776

a girl posing in a stagecoach in Mesa, Arizona
Lacy at the Superstition Mountain Museum!

Superstition Mountain Museum

Sitting on 14 acres of the beautiful Sonoran desert, the Superstition Mountain Museum features the famous Elvis Memorial Chapel, an outdoor model railroad exhibit, and mining exhibits. Here, you will learn about the history, folklore, and artifacts of what settlers believed was the richest gold mine in the world.

Address: 4087 E Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 983-4888


Mesa offers a variety of experiences that are perfect for date night, family activities, or even a day dedicated to yourself. Check out the experiences below to find the one perfect for you.

two people losing their balance in a gravity defying museum in Mesa, Arizona
Lacy and Ian trying to find their center of gravity at the Mystery Shack!

Mystery Shack

Prepare to have your world flipped upside town, or more like a 45 degree angle. Located in Goldfield Ghost Town, this delirious fight against gravity will make you lose you marbles. This is such a fun activity for the whole family!

Address: 4650 N Mammoth Mine Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 983-0333

a girl posing in front of the Mesa Arts Center in Mesa, Arizona
Lacy posing at the Mesa Arts Center

Mesa Arts Center

Mesa Arts Center is a state of the art media complex in Downtown Mesa that hosts many events including music performances, comedy shows, and even live theatre! Check out their website for the most up-to-date list of events happening.

Address: 1 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone Number: (480) 644-6500

A young guy wearing safety goggles with a torch flame learning to blow glass.
Ian learning how to blow glass!

Glass Blowing

One of our favorite events that the Mesa Arts Center hosts is a glass blowing class. These classes range from 2.5 days to 8 weeks long, depending on your level and desire. You can learn how to make marbles, pendants, stained glass, and can even make an ornament for your Christmas tree!

Address: 1 E Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone Number: (480) 644-6500

an instructor teaching a girl how to make dough and proof bread in Mesa Arizona
Lacy caught in action learning how to make dough at Proof Bread

Proof Bread

Have you ever dreamt of making your own luscious loaf of sourdough bread? I know I have. This fun and interactive experience is 1-4 hours long and you can even decorate your bread (who knew!). The class features a complementary pastry and hot coffee while the loaf bakes in their unique, 1o stacked container oven.

Address: 121 W Main Street Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone Number: (480) 270-8320

a wooden sign that says "stairs up, watch your step" at the Goldfield Ghost Town in Mesa Arizona
A snippet from the Underground Goldfield Mine Tour

Underground Goldfield Mine Tour

If you're looking to really take a step back in time, embark on the Goldfield Mine Tour in an underground mine where prospectors spent their days on the hunt for gold. This mine is over 100 years old, and the tour will go into detail on the history of the mine, the equipment used, and methods of gold mining.

Address: 4650 N Mammoth Mine Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 983-0333

a young couple riding the zip-line in Goldfield Ghost Town, Mesa Arizona
Lacy and Ian enjoying the zip-line through the Superstition Mountains

Zip-lining through the Superstition Mountains

Elevate your ghost town experience by zip-lining over Goldfield Ghost Town. This zip-line acts more like a chair lift which is perfect for a more relaxing ride that lets you marvel at the Superstition Mountains.

Address: 4650 N Mammoth Mine Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 983-0333

Eagle Eye Shooting Gallery is a classic arcade laser shooting gallery that is fun for everyone. The gallery has so many fun moving parts and quirky things that happen when you land a good shot! This is an inexpensive activity, tickets are $2 per game and you can win a free game if you beat the current high score.

Address: 4650 N Mammoth Mine Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 703-0366

a classic arcade shooting game in Goldfield Ghost Town, Mesa Arizona
Eagle Eye Shooting Gallery

DIY Advenutres

DIY adventures are experiences you can do all on your own or with a group of friends and it's up to you to make the most of it!

a girl with her arms up posing in front of funky, delusional mural in Downtown Mesa, Arizona
Lacy posing in front of a funky Mural in Downtown Mesa!

Mural Hunting

Mural hunting is a great way to get outdoors and explore your city. Downtown Mesa is a great place for mural hunting because artists have decorated many walls with gorgeous paintings, some of which are interactive and perfect for pictures! Click the link above to download a digital art walk guide to get you started on your journey.

Address: 130 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone Number: N/A

blue sky, sun reflecting off of the rocks, a blue lake, the Apache Trail, Mesa, Arizona
Stunning golden hour views on the Apache Trail

Apache Trail

The Apache Trail is a must-see scenic drive through the Superstition Mountains. It's important to note that most of the road has been closed since late 2019 after the Woodbury Fire, yet when we went we were still able to enjoy the trail. The roads are very windy with no guard rail so be sure to drive slow and enjoy the view.

Location: Start your journey in the Superstition Mountains (coordinates of 33.4575, -111.488) and head towards Tortilla Flat.

an old, fire surviving barn in Apache Junction, Arizona that was featured in many movies and tv shows
The famous Apacheland barn that was featured in dozens of western films and shows


About 40 miles east of Phoenix, Arizona lies Apacheland Movie Ranch. Apacheland was built by Nat Winecoff who had designed Disneyland. This historic movie set was home to many B Western films and TV shows such as "Gunsmoke", "Little House on the Prairie", and "Charro!". Today, you can still visit Apacheland as it is apart of the Superstition Mountain Museum.

Address: 4087 E Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 983-4888

A girl posing next to a statue of Elvis Presly at the Elvis Memorial Chapel at the Superstition Mountain Museum
Lacy posing with Elvis!

Elvis Memorial Chapel

The Elvis Memorial Chapel is a famous chapel that was built for the film, "Charro!" starring Elvis Presley. It is remembered today at the Superstition Mountain Museum after surviving two fires on Apacheland. The chapel was deconstructed piece by piece and donated to be reconstructed at the museum. The chapel continues to host weddings today, you can make a reservation online!

Address: 4087 E Apache Trail, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 983-4888

Restaurants and Cafés

A young couple posing outside of a restaurant in Goldfield Ghost Town with purple and pink Superstition Mountains in the background.
The gorgeous view from The Mammoth Steakhouse and Saloon

The Mammoth Steakhouse and Saloon

The Mammoth Steakhouse and Saloon is an authentic western saloon that offers the most breathtaking view of the Superstition Mountains. Come here for a bite to eat after working up an appetite in the mines!

Address: 4650 N Mammoth Mine Rd, Apache Junction, AZ 85119

Phone Number: (480) 983-0333

The front of Worth Takeaway restaurant in Mesa, Arizona
Worth Takeaway, Mesa, Arizona

Worth Takeaway

Worth Takeaway is a very cute, modern sandwich shop with a great variety in their menu. They take pride is sourcing their ingredients from local partners to provide food that makes you feel good. We loved their fries and want to come back again for the buffalo chicken mac and cheese!

Address: 218 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone Number: (480) 833-2180

a girl sitting outside of a coffee shop enjoyed an iced coffee wearing all yellow
Lacy enjoying a cup of joe outside of Jarrod's Coffee, Tea & Gallery 

Jarrod's Coffee, Tea & Gallery is a cute little coffee and tea shop found in Downtown Mesa. They have a ton of eclectic and gorgeous artwork, not to mention their tasty coffee and Italian sodas. Be sure to check out their Instagram and Facebook account as they often have events that feature live music, comedy, and magic.

Address: 154 W Main St, Mesa, AZ 85201

Phone Number: (480) 822-7146

Thank you for reading our blog about our favorite things to do in Mesa, Arizona! It's now time to get out there and find your Wildjoy. Be sure to tag us when you post your experiences on TikTok and Instagram, @wildjoyexperiences. :)